Technical maintenance - ID Issuer Austria

The Austrian Federal Computing Center must carry out technical maintenance work at regular intervals.

If possible, please do not request codes on these days.

Depending on the kind of maintenance work, the system might not be accessible from a few minutes to a whole day.


One week before the respective maintenance date, the Austrian Federal Computer Centre will inform you how long the interruption will last.

Information about this will be published here on the website.

Planned maintenance dates 2021     Estimated planned interruption:

23 may           We have planned a down time for approximately 30 minutes on May 23, 2021 between 07:00am and 05:30pm, but it could be, that the planned down

time window will be extended, if unplanned circumstances will occur. We use this time to maintain our infrastructure and speed up our services. During this maintainance window, the track and trace platform will be inaccessible. All operations will resume immediately after the maintainance window.

24 - 25 July

18 - 19 september

23 - 24 october

20 - 21 november